Smith-saldivar, Rose M. - Counselor

Rose Smith-Saldivar

Ms. Saldivar

Hello.  My name is Rose Smith-Saldivar. 
I have been at L.B. Johnson since August of 1995.  I am a native of El Paso
but spent much of my childhood in Mexico.  I went to Lydia Patterson
Institute and obtained a BA from the University of Texas at Austin.
I earned a  Master's Degree in Educational Psychology and Counseling from
I provide classroom guidance lessons, and group or individual sessions
as needed.  Some of the topics we cover are Bullying, Career
Awareness, Friendship, Anger Management, Positive Choices and
Respect for Self and Others.

I am available for students who  want to talk to me, and for parents or teachers.  Please feel
free to to contact me at, or  call me at (915) 236-3935.