Fox, Amber

Miss Fox

Profile picHello, my name is Amber Fox and I have been teaching 1st grade at Johnson Elementary for 7 years.  I have a Bachelors degree in Education from New Mexico State University as well as an Associates degree in Child Care.

In first grade we are always working on exciting and new skills to help us continue to grow throughout the year!  This year we are excited to include art and a new art teacher to our school as well as participating in various, interactive science labs.  We continue to hold to a strong focus on reading and math as well as writing in complete sentences.

I wish to be as available to my parents as possible so please feel free to contact me through email or phone. 

My conference time is Mon-Fri 1:45-2:30 by appointment.  Please feel free to call the school phone number 236-3925 to set up a time and day.

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